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Cuzus Mass Suicide Suggestions

I'm new to this server and it's very fun, I like that there is more perk levels!

But there is a few problems with the server that makes it less fun.

First of the custom zeds, the brute it completely broken. He always shields himself with his arm so you are forced to shot at the legs and unless you can do alot of damage you will almost always get hit before he dies. I would suggest to remove the Brute custom monster because it ruins the fun.

I like the idea of having a few of the regular zeds being extra strong, but some have way too much health, I suggest toning it down a bit.

The "Dr. T's Lead Delivery System" weapon has 200 magazine capacity, I think it would be better if it were changed to the original version and then just add a custom M60 weapon that has 200 magazine capacity, I know there is a very good M60 weapon mod out there that I have used before, so surely you can add that instead!

Also a sidenote, I can't find anywhere about Perk stats? Im level 3 commando and I would like to know what every level does! Thank you! Very awesome server, but it can be even better! =)

On the server it says I have to go to Cuzus.org to see Perk stats, can't you fix it so we can see perk stats ingame? That would be great!
Hi josko,

Thank you for your feedback.

I suppose that you have very low perk levels that's why you're experiencing described problems.
Please, read more about our servers and preferred perk levels for each server: Servers Features

Actually, you don't need to know anything about perk stats. We use standard formulas that have applied to every classic server.
You can find more information on the Internet following official guides.
We also recommend to: use perk weapons and increase your perk levels by getting requirements from killing zeds.
Play more and you'll figure out all the unique features of our servers!  Pif

For further suggestions and real-time discussion please join our Discord server.

Best regards

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