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Recover or transfer your perks

Starting from November 28, 2019 all Killing Floor servers will be using new Player ID format.

New format consists of 8 numbers, for example: 0123 7654

All perk transfer/recover requests should be sent to the administration via PM using Discord chat.

Request Form

Required fields:
  • Your Player ID (you can find your ID by open [Game] menu tab)
  • Your IP
  • Your nickname
If you want to transfer your perks in case of ID change, add the following information:
  • Your previous Player ID
  • Your previous IP (if changed)
  • Your old nickname
  • Reason for Player ID change
  • Date of lost access to previous ID and your timezone
If you cannot specify some information, add note to your message with explanation.

Please note

Double-check whether you actually lose your perks - try to connect to any other of our servers before sending your request to the administration.

Be sure what the map which you played last time before you lose perks was ended. You should be offline while perks will be recovered or transferred.

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