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Premium Membership on Killing Floor servers
Dear players!

You have a great chance to support our project and get a Premium Membership with special list of in-game features!

Read full list of features, prices and compare Premium types on the following link: cuzus.org/premium/killingfloor

Information below describes some of the features.

Unlock all DLC and custom weapons
  • All Premium types includes unlocking of all DLC weapons and custom weapons
  • Premium weapons are better than default - we improved parameters like damage, speed and other (for example - Golden Katana is better in damage and speed than default Katana but available with the same price)
  • Some weapons are improved in animations (for example - Golden Flamethrower use blue flame effect)
Katana VS Golden Katana parameters:

[Изображение: premium-katana-golden.png]
[Изображение: premium-katana-default.png]

Complete list of Premium weapons:
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_Chainsaw.png] Golden Fire Chainsaw (burning zeds on attack)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_Katana.png]Golden Fire Katana (burning zeds on attack)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Dwarven_Battle_Axe.png] Dwarf Axe (increased damage & pushing distance)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_Dual_Deagle.png] Golden Deagle / Dual Golden Deagle (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_NeonKSG.png] Neon HSG-1 (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_AA12.png] Golden AA12 (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_G2Contender.png]Thompson G2 NEW!
  • [Изображение: Trader_SVD.png] Dragunov Sniper Rifle NEW!
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_AK47.png]Golden AK47 (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_NeonScar.png] Neon SCAR MK17 (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_NeonKris.png] Neon Schneidzekk (increased damage & accuracy)
  • [Изображение: Trader_HealThrower.png]Heal Thrower
  • [Изображение: Trader_BlowerThrower.png] Blower Thrower (increased ammo, damage & fire rate)
  • [Изображение: Trader_SeekerSix.png] Seeker Six (changed ammo to LAW rockets)
  • [Изображение: Trader_M32Camo.png]Camo M32 (increased damage & AOE range)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Gold_Flamethrower.png]Golden Flamethrower (increased damage & range)
  • [Изображение: Trader_SteamPunk_Tommygun.png] Dr. T's Lead Delivery System (increased ammo to 200 per clip; increased damage)
  • [Изображение: Trader_Jackhammer.png]Multichamber ZED Thrower

Unlock all DLC and custom player skins
  • All DLC skins are unlocked by default and available without Premium
  • All custom skins are available with any type of Premium using default character select menu
  • Currently available 12 custom skins (see screenshot below)
[Изображение: premium-skins.png]

Access to Private Server
  • All types of Premium give you ability to join and play on Private server
  • Players without Premium cannot play on this server
  • Private server configuration can change over the time considering players feedback
How to donate for Premium

Please follow this link for more information: cuzus.org/donations/en

In this thread

You can ask any questions regarding Premium Membership and their features.

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