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Summer Tournament '18
[Изображение: kf_tournament_2018_topic_en.jpg]

Dear players!

We would like to announce a Killing Floor tournament with monetary prize pool at this summer.
You can ask any questions related to the tournament in this topic.


All participants should be in a team of 3 players. Each tournament map begins from a shop time. When the shop time is up, final wave with Patriarch's will begin.
Main goal for the team is to get as much as possible scoreboard points before their victory or defeat. Prize pool will be awarded to the team who will collect most points in total according to the results of 3 played maps.

Prize pool

Monetary prize pool is formed by a small donation from each player who will participate.
The cost of participation in the tournament is 2$ per person.
Base amount of prize pool is equal to donations of all participated players.
The administration will add a bonus money to the prize pool which cover costs of currency conversations and transfer fees.
Donations to the prize pool will be collected about a week before the tournament dates.

Game format

Players within teams will fight against Patriarch's on 3 different maps.
During each game, tournament judge will spectate for abidance of rules.
When the team will be ready for the battle, they will receive a password of the tournament server and then should follow the judge's instructions.
Tournament will be streamed via Twitch and Youtube by the tournament judge.

Organizational communications

The tournament wouldn't take place if there are less than 3 teams (9 participated players).

All teams should assign a leader and come up with the team name. Then team leaders should leave a message with team information in Teams registration topic.

If you're alone and looking for the team, please leave your comment in provided form in Looking for a team topic.

Tournament will start from the assigned date by Administration and will take place within two weeks. During this period, all teams should contact with the tournament judge and choose dates for each tournament map. Date and time will be chosen personally between team leaders and tournament judge considering players time zone and convenient time.

To contact tournament judge Cherniy_Vovan, please follow the Judge contact topic.

Technical overview

1. Patriarch's configuration is equal to default as on other our servers.
2. All participants will receive the same, maximal perks level.
3. You can select any perk during the tournament maps.
4. There is only final wave with an extra shop time of 3 minutes before.
5. Each player will receive 14,000 £ for shopping.
6. In case of any technical issues with the tournament server, tournament game will be rescheduled to another date.


1. All participants should be agree and comply the Server rules.
2. Tournament donations are non-refundable, even if the player changed his mind and does not want to participate after making donation.
3. If participated team did not come to the game at the appointed time, Administration can disqualify this team.
Cancelled due to lack of participants.

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