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Ban request format - Elister - 23.07.2018

Below will be the format used to report any unruly players when staff members aren't on and if vote-kicking doesn't solve the issue on any later maps. Do NOT report consistently AFK'ing players, so simply message any staff member to kick them if need. Please post new threads for each request!

Without sufficient proof, the report will be dismissed. Logs are available upon request with date and server name.

Please provide player's name, proof, and a link to their profile on website statistics page or ID.
- Request needs to be filed on a timely manner. (eg. don't report a player 1-2 months later)
- Request needs solid proof from either screenshots or demos.
- Request needs to be reasonable and in the best interest of our community.

Ban Request Format
  • Player Name
  • Steam Profile ID: *Do not forget this part! Eg. 7656119XXXXXXXXXX*
  • Date/Time: (if dfferent from post date)
  • Server Name
  • Summary: Short brief and try to include screenshots for documentation
  • Evidence (Screenshots and/or Video)

Others may weigh on and cast their opinions on the player and/or the situation.