👋 Ladies and Gentlemen,

Because of a difficult political situation in the world caused by the Russian aggression against Ukraine, our project and game servers cannot function in the same way and be physically located in Russia.

We decided to close our project 🚧 for maintenance and suspend game servers for indefinite time. All your game achievements and stats will be completely recovered later with project restart.

We've been working on absolutely new game worlds that will plunge you into pure nostalgic felling of old times and will bring you ✨ fresh feelings from beloved games.
Updated servers and next stage of our project soon — modern hardware in EU, new players and indisputable quality of game.

Stay in touch and join the discussion with other players of our community in Discord using the link below.
Good luck and take care! 🌅

@Elister | cuzus.project@gmail.com | 29.07.2022